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Children cook a hard binding Sirkis Ruth the book cooked children has been great since it was published for the first time in 1975. It has been defined as one of the most important, favorite and influential books of the food culture in the country. Many of the leading chefs in Israel first entered the kitchen as children with this book. In the current edition, he has undergone a renewed editing. The materials lists have been tested and adapted to the groceries now at the supermarkets. The preparation instructions have been updated and the paintings that accompany the list of materials and tools and all stages of preparation have been added colors. The book of cooks includes dozens of children and children. It has delicious food parties, birthday celebrations, family day, picnics and family meals at home. Here you will find the original chocolate ball recipes, Moshe in the box, a nest egg, smiling eggs, pita pizza, bourks, tuna salad, bolognese salad, chocolate cake, grandmother cookies, brownies, chocolate crackers, hot chocolate, chocolate mousse and more. The recipes in this book are the work of years with children who love to cook and eat. The recipes were tried and cooked by children and the explanations were particularly adapted to them. The instructions are short and simple. Detailed paintings accompany all stages of preparation as well as the list of materials and tools. With this book, the kitchen becomes a focus of fun family and social activity. The kitchen activity becomes an educational framework through which environment awareness is strengthened, the coordination improves, the sense of independence and responsibility develops and tightens family connection. The kitchen work also has educational aspects. Through, children are aware of dimensions and weights, temperatures, physical and chemical processes, new words, work patterns. All of these also benefit in other areas of life.

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