By Burstein Dror (Author)

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Dror Burstein's phone conversation with Menachem Perry turned into a story Burstein heard from Aharon Applefeld's widow: in the early 1950s, twenty-year-old Applefeld was traveling to Netanya to run a ballroom dancing course there for Holocaust survivors. fruitNdelek: "You must write a story about it, and I will publish it." Burstein was skeptical, but after a few hours he sat down to write, and the novella continued to occupy him even after he handed it over to Perry, and soon it was expanded into a triptych of three novellas connected to each other in a network of visible and hidden threads.
Everyone here is on the road, ready for the future, striving to get out of some past. In "The Brothers" a brother who has graduated from Linz and Vienna accompanies his younger brother who dreams of his future fame as an artist and seeks to be admitted to painting studies at the Academy of Arts. However, on October 2, 1907, the curtain came down on his future, "the records are not satisfactory", the examiner told him unequivocally. This brother is more or less a variation on a historical figure whose marginal event of her failure to be admitted to the Academy of Painting - even though on that day she felt she had nothing to give to the world - will finally bring her to her famous future in the heart of world history of the 20th century, and she is also Call the fate of the characters of "Applefeld in Netanya".
"Brothers" therefore fosters in the readers a view from the future. It is a breath-taking art of planting captured details that can be taken out of their innocence and seen as springs that stretch and stretch to be released in about thirty years.
Applefeld, and the real or imaginary characters surrounding him in "Applefeld in Netanya" - some of which will appear in his books in the future - are unable to escape their past. The past completely takes over their present, which seems weak and fake.
Whereas in "Messiah", the angel who arrived one day in Netanya and shut himself up in a house covered with birds is ironically without any relevance to the colorful crowd, which flows aimlessly on the way to Netanya. The revival that takes place with the appearance of the angel takes place only in the plant, in which within hours some ancient past is restored. A thick jungle covers the whole country, rowing at feverish speed towards a future flood, and the achievements of civilization are wiped out. The story clings to the narrator looking for a former lover, and a father full of guilt, looking for that woman herself, who is his daughter, a daughter who is estranged from her parents who betrayed her. The two meetings with the woman will fail to repair the past of the relationship and pull them towards a future.
This is how the anecdote about Applefeld became a brilliant and exciting book, in which the road is a space for friction between lost times.
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