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The card set "3 steps to happiness" The set contains 102 large cards, and other aids. o The creators put special emphasis on the quality of the content and the design. oAges: +17 cards that invite you to get to know your unique journey to happiness in a pleasant and interesting social gathering. ? The cards deal with the significant questions for each of us: o What is happiness for me? o What will make me a happier person? ?The cards evoke: oPersonal awareness of combining the elements of happiness unique to me. Interesting and unconventional social discourse from three different directions, which are the three steps. Step 1 = experimenting with pictures This step allows a look at the components of happiness from the perspective of intuition and emotion. Here our feelings lead us, and they are in the center of our attention. Step 2 = Experimenting with worldviews and quotes. This step opens the door to getting to know different worldviews of thinkers on the topic of happiness. We examine these worldviews through discourse, which touches on thoughts about happiness from unexpected directions. Step 3 = Experimentation through the question of necessity. In this step, questions allow us to leave social conventions and arrive at the combination of ingredients that is unique to me. Women's circles and different groups.

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