By Jonathan Geffen (Author)

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In this bourgeois country, I am considered a leftist not because I read Marx and Engels every morning and want all the workers of the world to unite, but only because my heart is on the left side, Jonathan Geffen writes in the introduction to the book.
The lists grouped here are a collection of Geffen's columns, poems and monologues from the last few years when he wrote for "Maariv" and "Haaretz" and from his performances where he stands on stage naked and speaks into the darkness.
Gefen writes about what concerns all of us, the residents of this country, right-wing and left-wing, men and women, young and old. He writes about our Israeli mythology, about family and love, about the occupation, politics and corruption, about rising chauvinism and religious coercion. For the evil one to go and flood the country, Gefen writes, it is not necessary for anyone to shout, it is enough for everyone to be silent, and he - is not ready to be silent. His words are written out of pain and out of love.

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