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The book "A Whole World Without Gluten" is not another recipe book, but a book with
a message: you can absolutely do it. can prepare, can eat, can experience every
dish and every food. In the book you will find 100 gluten-free recipes, some of them groundbreaking
, that combineSea of ??evidence foods, holiday foods, appetizers and dishes for the center
of the table, sweet desserts, salty snacks and many other dishes that you can
prepare alone or with children.
The book "A Complete World Without Gluten" is a milestone and a gift for all celiacs
wherever they are, and for all lovers of good, tasty and happy food. It includes detailed recipes
, everything you need to know about the celiac pantry and practical tools
for gluten-free cooking, baking and frying.
The story of Dvir Bar, the owner of the successful blog wheatout.co.il, is the story
of many people whose celiac disease pushed them into the kitchen, where they learned to prepare
gluten-free delicacies first for themselves, and then for family and friends.
The blog was visited by more than half a million surfers in Israel and around the world, and inspired by it,
they entered the kitchen, some of them for the first time, and prepared many successful dishes. This book
, just like the blog, has an orderly agenda: there is no dish in the world that cannot be
prepared in a gluten-free version, and dishes based on gluten-free products
can be delicious, rich, joyful and fun to eat.
In recent years, Dvir Bar has become an opinion leader regarding
gluten-free food in Israel. He develops recipes, leads workshops, gives lectures
and serves as a culinary consultant for commercial companies.
This is his first book.

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