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The officer's look was filled with compassion and he said: 'I am sorry to inform you that your son Yuval is missing and it is not known where he is now.' Tears began to flow down my cheeks. 'David', I tried to tell myself, 'You commanded partisans in Belarus as a commander in the 'Wolves' underground, you fought inThe state rose up against the British and Arabs, and now you act like a crying child?' But my efforts to relax were unsuccessful. At this moment I have finished saying to devote all my energy, experience and skills to one goal - to rescue Yuval from captivity."
Thus opens a winning move, a third historical novel by Ehud Diskin. This time, the familiar heroes David and Shoshana are sent to Egypt, on a spying mission designed, among other things, to establish the nature of the Egyptian spy Ashraf Marwan: does he serve Israel, and only Israel, or is he a double agent who misleads his Israeli operatives?
At the beginning of the Yom Kippur War, their son Yuval disappeared from the Sinai battlefield and was declared missing. At the end of the war, David tries to use his connections in Egypt to free his son from captivity. Will he succeed?
With bated breath, the reader sets out, together with Shoshana and David, to the complex tasks assigned to them, and learns about various events that took place at that time and have remained unknown until now.
Diskin, who during the Yom Kippur War served as the operations officer of the first tank division that crossed the Suez Canal, once again presents readers with a colorful and fascinating historical novel, full of sadness, drama and romance.
Ehud Diskin, a retired colonel and holder of a doctorate in business administration, is a businessman and the author of two best-selling historical novels, "Lone Wolf in Jerusalem" and "Fateful Encounter", as well as the autobiography "Han Pasha".

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