By Levi Elgrod Dana (Author)

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It is impossible to understand how on one bright day we meet a person who changes the whole path of our life. It is impossible to understand why this particular person causes our body to become addicted to him with an inexplicable desire, and our heart to flutter helplessly inside our chest. Every person has a dream. My dream, as a gifted pianist, was to study at the Boston Academy of Music. But I didn't get to fulfill it. Everything was interrupted five years ago when I was informed that I was ill. I managed to overcome the disease, twice, but I became transparent. to the invisible. I retired from the race of life and sentenced myself to a long and tiring wait for the day when it will all end. to the end Nevertheless, there was a small light at the end of the tunnel. Marriage. I was about to marry a family friend, a handsome, talented and successful man, who chose to spend his life with me. My clear path went awry on that fateful flight where I met the crazy German. Suddenly I didn't feel transparent. I saw myself in many bright shades. I felt that life was stronger than me and that I wanted to stop waiting and start living. I was drawn into his creative world and created every second I was a part of his exciting life. I was addicted to his strengths, I was addicted to his passion and I was addicted to my heart's need to feel. But I knew it was temporary, that I had to return to my path. I didn't take one thing into account. Addiction is stronger than anything. "Addiction", a shocking and sensual novel and the sequel to the book "Collision", is the seventh book by Dana Levy Elgrod. Her previous books were a resounding success in Israel and abroad

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