By Asia Nili (Author)

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Leora? "Yeah, what's going on?" "Did you hear about the body in the jubilation?" "Yes." "So where are you?" "I'm on the couch in the living room." "Why aren't you here?" Liora feels the adrenaline rising. She must not let him control her. She already said "no" to this bag - even if the price is expensive. "You've never seen anything like this before," Vard says, "a woman's body folded inside a suitcase." Police detective Liora Degani was supposed to get a promotion - but instead she got a new boss. No one remembers the files she deciphered, her commander was vacationing in Sri Lanka, and all the promises she received flew in the wind. Liora wants to get up and leave, but how can you leave when someone left a body in a burgundy suitcase in the parking lot of a shopping center, right next to the grocery store? Armed with black boots, a battered car, terrible eating habits and excellent intuitions, Liora Degani tries to find out who murdered Lena Odeski, a foreign worker who cares for the elderly. But it soon becomes clear that nothing is as it seems: the foreign worker has long since stopped caring for the elderly, and the neighborhood may be quiet, but not sleepy. Besides, it could be that Liora's commander, who always wanted her best, betrayed her this time, and maybe not only her; Or her best friend cheated on her, and not only her; And maybe her story with Gore, the muscular investigative officer, who only did her good, not good for her at all; And that her mythical ex returned to Israel after an absence of three years, not good either. Probably. The state is not functioning, the sanitation department is on strike, and amidst all this garbage, Liora Degani, the toughest and most humane Israeli detective, is looking for a clue. "The Odesky case" is the second book in the series of investigations of Liora Degani by Nili Asia. It was preceded by the bestseller "Tik Aya" which was published by Kinneret Zamora.

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