By Ezer Panina (Author)

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Don River The memory loss forced me back to Bridge Lake, the town I ran away from. Suddenly I found myself in my mother's house, learning to reacquaint myself with the environment in which I was born, and also the people who were once an integral part of my life. Only Logan Pierce turned his back on me, not bothering to hide his displeasure. He claimed that I hurt him, and I couldn't remember why, but every time I needed help, he was the first to come forward. I knew he was hiding secrets, but no one bothered to tell me which ones. He was a mystery, but one I didn't agree to leave to her. Logan Pierce After returning from the war, wounded and broken, I found myself venting my anger in ways I had never known before. I changed until even I didn't recognize myself while those around me tried to remind me who the man I was was. And then she came back. The woman who was my whole world, the one who left me on the terrible day I buried my father. I thought that after all these years I would get to confront her and force her to tell me the truth, as hard as it was, but she remembered nothing, not even me. Losing her memory was a disaster for me because I suddenly realized that the hopes and chances of finding out what happened in the past were zero, but I soon realized that it might have been a gift. That he would be the one to allow us to start over, against all odds. But what will happen to us when the truth is revealed in all its hiddenness? Against all odds is a contemporary, moving and touching novel about healing, about another chance for love and about letting go of the past in order not to allow it to destroy the future. This is Panina Ezer's third book. Her previous books, Moments and on the tips of the fingers, which were also published by the 'Diamonds' publishing house, won the hearts of readers and starred in the bestseller lists.

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