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Grillis proves that he is a master of spy thrillers that does not fall short of John Le Carré" - David Young, author of "The Stasi Children"
by the author of the bestseller "The best of the foothills"

To live among wolves, you must become one...
A spy thriller not to be missed by Genre artist and bestselling author Alex Grealis

War Comes to Europe.
British super spy Barnaby Allen begins recruiting agents in Germany. With the breakdown of diplomatic relations, the spy network quickly takes shape: a horse-loving German whose Berlin subway is his second home, a young American sports journalist, a mysterious officer in the German Air Force, a Japanese diplomat and the most unexpected of all - the wife of an SS officer.
Despite the danger that frequently hangs over their heads and despite the constant fear that they will be exposed and accused of treason, Allen's spies manage to get their hands on top secret plans for a new German fighter plane and discover intelligence information with terrible consequences - a bold plan by Japan to attack the United States. The question is if they can prove it...
Agent in Berlin takes readers to the dark days of World War II and doesn't let go until the last page.
"A spectacular ensemble of characters." – Financial Times

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