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Does something from here bother you in your partner?
• Messy
• Sometimes doesn't respond
• Doesn't plan ahead
• Doesn't finish projects
• Says things without thinking
• Has trouble starting a task
• Can't remember what was said to him/her
• Has difficultyDealing with frustrations
• Flying, disconnecting, unfocused
• Misestimating the time to complete a task

If you found yourself empathizing - it is recommended to read this book.
These are the ten things that bother partners who live with attention deficit disorder (proven by research).
In a relationship with attention deficit disorder, you hear in court things like: "You don't listen to me", "But I told you that already", "How could you miss this meeting?" "Did you forget to buy milk again?" "you do not care about me".
The reason for these misunderstandings is the attention disorder, and the more we are aware of it, the more we will reduce the risk of separation or dissatisfaction in the relationship.
In 25 short stories from the treatment couch in her clinic, Dr. Shirley Hershko, an attention deficit disorder specialist, outlines the special dynamics of life with an attention deficit disorder, along with coping strategies that have been found to be effective for strengthening the relationship that will save you from unnecessary fights. Dr. Hershko, which is her fifth book, writes from a place that sees the power of conscious love, and she believes with all her heart that you too can be happy together.
If you, or your partner, has attention deficit disorder and you want to live with it in peace and develop a caring relationship, or if you care for or work with people with attention deficit disorder - this is a must-read book for you.

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