By Mizrachi Yamima (Author)

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I will tell you how they were happy, Rabbi Nachman of Breslav promises us in the last great work he wrote. But then he will tell us about children lost in the forest, about beggars and a world full of defects. Even this story itself remains flawed. He doesn't finish it. is his unfinished symphony. Rabbi Nachman, the master of joy, will teach us that it is impossible to learn to be happy. He will show us an imperfect world and command us to choose love, to seek joy every day anew - and this is perhaps the great secret of joy - the discovery that we can choose. can create a happy world out of very broken worlds. We live in a happily challenged society. We are looking for her lost in a scary forest. We love her, we are sad in her absence, and this is what joy is asking for: just don't be indifferent to me. I'm here. "But really, there is no broken heart and bitterness of the soul is called 'sadness' at all! Because sadness is that his heart is as dumb as a stone and there is no liveliness in his heart. But bitterness and a broken heart? Rather! After all, there is liveliness in his heart to be admired!" (the owner of the condition). In this book we will follow a man and a woman who chose love. I congratulate you to be like them.

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