By Yaakov Negan, Sheral Rosenblatt, Asaf Malach (Author)

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The return to Zion is the movement of the gathering of the people of Israel in their land, but it is also a transition from a position of survival in conditions of exile to a life of a spiritual vision for humanity. What is this vision and how should we implement it in the reality of Jewish sovereignty and world globalization? The book before you places at the forefront of the stage the relationship between Israel and other religions and the value of the world's religions as key points for understanding the destiny of the people of Israel in our time. "And his name is one" sets an old-new world agenda in the spirit of Zephaniah the prophet who predicts a renewal of the brotherhood of humanity on the moral and holy ground: "Let all call in the name of God to serve him one shekel". "And his name is one" consists of chapters chapters that deal with the words of the prophets and sages of Israel throughout the ages and weave a story that deepens the view of the relationship between Israel and the religions of the world and even heals it. This story rises above the historical struggles and contemporary wars - and even above the physical and identity threat that the State of Israel faces in our time - but without ignoring them. This is a book that seeks to broaden the view of the great horizons that have opened up to Israel and the world in our generation. The Beit Midrash for Israel and Humanity from the Or Torah Stone network deals with study and creation - Gothic and Halachic - on the subject of Israel and the nations. The Beit Midrash combines different fields of knowledge out of a constant resonance between the sources and reality, and it promotes programs and activities in diverse spaces among Israeli society and on the international and interreligious level.

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