By Kobi Yamada (Author)

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How can you know what I can do if you don't try?
This book is intended for all those who have felt
like novices at the beginning of their journey, or who had doubts or concerns that are not good enough for the need. This is a story for all those who experienced the pain of failure, after they hoped and tried to do something new - and did not succeed. And in fact, this is a story for many of us, because at some point in our lives, most of us have experienced failure.
Failure can be disappointing, even heartbreaking, but the story does not end at this point. Because failure has so much to offer. Failure is a necessary step towards learning, growth, self-improvement. He shows us how far we are capable of wanting something, and how much we are prepared to invest in order to achieve it. He challenges us to be brave, to get up on our feet - and try again.
Yes, you will be overtaken by moments in which you will be holding hands. Maybe you'll want to give up. But if you believe, if you are determined, if you continue to try and stick to the goal - you will be able to do amazing things.
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