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Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany. When the Nazis came to power, the Park family fled to Amsterdam. However, the Nazis occupied the Netherlands in 1941 and soon the Jews were under threat of exile and extermination. On July 9, 1942, the family went underground, to a hiding apartment prepared by Otto Frank, the father of the family. About a month earlier, after her thirteenth birthday, Anna began to write in her diary: "I hope that I can reveal to you everything that I could not reveal to anyone until now, and I hope that I will find in you a loyal and supportive friend." For more than two years, Anna wrote "letters to Kitty" - a kind of soulmate she invented - in which she told her about her daily life against the background of the constant fear of discovery, about the tensions, anxieties and small joys that were the lot of those hiding in hiding. In these letters, she confessed her feelings, anxieties, loves and hates - feelings of a girl on the verge of adulthood. On August 1, 1944, Anna wrote the last section in her diary. On August 4, all those hiding were arrested and sent to concentration camps. Anna's mother was murdered in Auschwitz, Anna and her sister Margot died in Bergen-Belsen in March 1945, a few weeks before the end of the war. Only the father, Otto Frank, survived. In 1947, Otto Frank published the diary for the first time. Out of a desire to preserve the dignity of those mentioned in it, Otto Frank omitted many passages that dealt with Anna's relationships with those around her as well as references to matters of sex and love. In the early nineties of the last century, the "Anne Frank Foundation", the worldwide heir of Otto Frank, published a new edition, which included the omitted sections - a version that was published in Hebrew under the name "Diary of a Girl" (Carney 1999). The version in front of you includes five pages from the manuscript that were only discovered in 1998, and is the latest, complete and accurate version of Anne Frank's diary.

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