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When Berry Prescott arrives in the sleepy lakeside town of Pelion in Maine, she hopes, against all odds, to find the peace she needs there.
Archer Hale is a loner. He keeps inside him difficult memories that he does not hAnd Lek with no one, lived his life as unseen and unheard.
Already on the first day of Bree in her new home, her life becomes intertwined with Archer's life, and nothing will be the same again.
'Archer's voice' is the story of a woman bound by the memory of a terrible night and of a man whose love is the key to her release. And the story of a dead man living in constant pain and the woman who helps him find his voice.
Mia Sheridan's books touch the pains and joys of all of us. She writes with depth and sensitivity about imperfect heroes who are easy to identify with and fall in love with despite, and perhaps because of, the weaknesses and scratches that she is so good at describing.
Her books lift the soul, expand the heart and do not leave even many days after the reading is over.

"'Archer's voice' is one of the stories that managed to touch my heart deeply, one of the most special stories I've read. Mia Sheridan's ability, through her writing, to produce intense emotions and such a sharp imagination, captivates the readers. This is a beautiful story of survival and the healing power of love. I urge everyone to read the book!!!..." Aestes Book Blog.

Mia Sheridan is a bestselling author of the NY Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal.
Her passion is directed at love stories between people meant to live together.

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