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Ask for a girlfriend "is an invitation to an optimistic and refreshing breath of fresh air on a relationship that sometimes sinks under the burden of life. He can make you smile in recognition, love, be angry, laugh and feel really fine just the way you are. But he can also dare you to fall in love again.
This book is like a good friend that you can turn to when a need arises, or when you feel that you are being pulled back into a routine - a sensitive and accepting friend, who does not judge you, but also does not let you sink deeply, and instead offers an alternative that can be implemented without much effort and without dependence on the other half.
In bare-bones and honest writing, Alit Alahiani presents a collection of short stories from married life and the challenges involved in them, offering a positive and closer point of view and the use of scientifically backed tools from the worlds of marriage counseling and positive psychology, which can help your relationship shine again.
Alit Alhiani is married to a man who finds little but loves a lot, and is a mother of three. A graduate of marriage counseling and positive psychology studies, with about 20 years of experience in the fields of education, family and relationships. Consultant, host of women's workshops and blogger for nurturing relationships.

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