By Claire James (Author)

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On the way to achieving your goals in life, the book atomic habits offers you a proven self -improvement strategy every day. James Claire, one of the world's leading habits, presents practical ways in his book through which you can learn how to assimilate with your routine tiny habits that will generate output results from the usual gender. If you are unable to get rid of the bad habits, the problem is not lies in you, but your method. Your bad habits are repeated not because you do not want to change, but because the method you use to create change is ineffective. With this book you can formulate an action plan that will take off for new heights. Inspired by cumulative research in the fields of biology, psychology and neuroscience, and with the help of entertaining and instructive examples, James Claire managed to create a light and accessible guide with the help of implementing good habits would be inevitable, and bad habits would be impossible. Time for new habits (even in crazy times) overcome the lack of motivation and will kill your surroundings and make the success easier to achieve how you return to the track even when you are deviating from the way with the help of atomic habits you will acquire tools and methods that will allow you to embed great habits in your career and private. Whether you run a business or teams, whether you are athletes or artists, whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight or just get rid of everything that leaves you behind, with the help of atomic habits you will exceed the way that will lead you to a continuing success in life.

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