By Mekmal Atir Nava (Author)

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The life of Sol, a fifteen-year-old girl who lives in a slum in Tel Aviv, changes following an entrance exam for a new play that she attends. Against the background of the occurrence of difficult events, Sol goes through a coming-of-age journey in which she has to deal with new situations she has not yet experienced. Out of the poverty and pain, the evil plot that is woven against her and the harsh boycott that condemns her to loneliness, she discovers in herself powers that she did not know existed. These allow her not only to survive her difficult life, but also to help those whose lives are even more difficult and miserable than hers. In the center of the events, her first love grows and intensifies. Entrance test - a story about Saul's audition for a different show than the one he was preparing for.

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