By Brad Thor (Author)

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  • In ancient legends there are stories about men made fearless, fearless men who emerge from the shadows, men of honor who will do anything to protect their family and those dearest to them. Even nowadays such men still walk among us, stillEmerging from the shadows and striking mercilessly - these are the secret agents.
    Two days ago Scott the Stables, one of the toughest and bravest agents, was badly betrayed and lost the people he loved. He was kidnapped by skilled killers and taken outside the borders of the United States. Now, far from his home and surrounded by enemy forces, he must make his way to freedom. No one knows where he is and no reinforcements will come soon to rescue him, so the stables must use all the knowledge they have gained and all the abilities they have learned to survive.
    But survival is not the only thing in front of his eyes - the stables are looking for revenge
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