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There is nothing like a fascinating and enriching experience for the whole family! Get to know the word game BANANAGRAMS, which was an unprecedented success in the USA and the UK, and is now available in the Hebrew language!
A competitive, tense and fast-paced attraction that enriches and sharpens the chefGod. Great fun!

As part of the game, the participants compete with each other in composing words.
Each player receives 21 letters and begins to assemble words in the form of a crossword puzzle. The first one to finish takes another letter from the letter box and calls aloud "card".
As soon as the call is heard, the other players also take another token from the box, even if they have not finished their crossword puzzle.
When the number of letters remaining is less than the number of participants, this is the signal to end the game. The first one to finish declares Bananagrams and wins the round!

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In stock at Beverly Hills Store


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