By Kafir Ilan and Dor Danny (Author)

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In the heat of the last summer, before and after the nuclear agreement signed in Vienna between Iran and the powers, the name Ehud Barak came up again and again. In one place they wrote that he was warming up engines, in another - that he was somewhere on the lines, waiting for the opportunity to enter the field. Barak himself defined his situation in a conversation with an associate as a surfer waiting to catch the right wave: "I lie on the surfboard and wait. When the right wave arrives - I will know how to catch it and ride it." If this happens, it will be another chapter in the life of the man who broke into Israeli consciousness about 30 years ago and has been here ever since. Sometimes in the foreground. Sometimes a shadow man who emerges at the right moment. As he knew how to lead the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff patrol in the past. He leads fateful decisions and the man who was twice, with Prime Minister Netanyahu, the closest to giving the order to the Air Force planes to take off towards the nuclear facilities in Iran. Some will identify him with the figure of the most decorated fighter in the IDF, who headed Some promotions that until today have not been allowed to be published; Some will look for him as the gifted commander, the statesman who tried to solve all the problems of the Middle East within hours, the analytical mind that sees several moves forward, but also the great hope that failed and the politician whose voters abandoned him. A leader who failed to lead civilian divisions after him. Barak is any of these. That's his strength. This is also his weakness. Lightning. My Wars brings the life story of the man who influenced being and life in the country and in the Middle East for more than a generation until he left the stage as a controversial figure. This is a life story along with the disclosure of several cases that have attracted attention in Israel and the entire world in recent decades.

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