By Eitan Yehudit (Author)

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Mom, it's like you've become ten years younger. If I didn't know what happened to you in the last months, I wouldn't have guessed,' says Jordana. Bat Sheva doesn't answer, she hears it a lot lately. It must make her feel good, how can it not? If to suffer then also to be happy. She closed her mouth, returned to her former ease. excited How lucky today there is no rain and no sun, only blue and white clouds like boats in the sky. Bat Sheva has a small and bustling bridal salon at 18 Tefarat St. in Ashdod. She also has: three adult daughters, overweight, and a husband. The last two fall from her during the course of the book and other things change in her life: her city, Ashdod, becomes a runway for new territories, and from her age she learns new skills in real estate, management, parenting and love. Bat Sheva, Bridal Salon, Ashdod is a delightful and charming novel and At the same time, it is also a social, feminist, very Israeli novel. It is written with enormous talent, is read in one breath, and without a drop of effort mobilizes the readers to identify with and love (really love) the heroine, not only because of her "human" qualities, but also and above all because of her overwhelming charisma of the language full of charm and sound, that Yehudit Eitan put in Bat Sheva's mouth. Yehudit (Shor) Eitan, born in 1952. For more than thirty years she served as a lecturer in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Tel Aviv University. A therapist in the field of child development. Lives in Beer Ya'akov. Married to Israel, mother to Hila and testified

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