By DR Catherine Perlman (Author)

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Please note, frustrated parents! Did you know that ignoring certain behaviors will lead to positive and far -reaching changes in your children? Too often we find ourselves argue, bargain, raise the voice and even begged our children, only to get their even worse behavior. With all the joints, complaints and thessim, parenting may seem more as a task than pleasure. Dr. Catherine Perlman, one of the leading experts in America in parenting, has a simple and yet revolutionary solution: ignore! Most parents feel that in order to change bad behavior in their children, they must respond, but in many cases they respond to behaviors they had to ignore, and ignore behaviors they had to take care of. This book will teach you how to distinguish between the two. Ignore! Use proven strategies supported by studies to show parents how to avoid involvement in power struggles and stop using attention as a prize for poor behavior. With the help of a four -step process, which combines effective strategies with approaches that have been in the test of time, Perlman teaches parents when and how they should choose to refer the back to prevent reinforcement to annoying behaviors. Ignore! Portable with insights, tips, scenarios, common questions and a lot of encouragement designed to bring the happiness and satisfaction back of the life of desperate parents. Dr. Catherine Perlman is a certified clinical social worker, who has a doctorate in social work from sitting in University and holds a master's degree in social work at New York University. She has been working with children and families for more than twenty years, and lecturer in social work at Brandman University. Her column Dear Family Coach appeared in Wall Street Journal and many parenting journals. Her tips are published in leading newspapers and magazines in the United States. She is the proud mother of the attending elementary and middle school.

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