By Ameti Magd (Author)

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What makes some people feel worthy, and others not?
Why are there children who think they deserve everything, and there are others who think they deserve nothing?
What really affects the construction of a stable and healthy sense of self-worth?
The book to be seen
Y offers a surprising answer: ethics. A healthy sense of worthiness can only be built when a child is treated ethically and only when he, as an adult, acts ethically with others.
The book is replete with case studies taken from the author's clinic, with the help of which he seeks to simply demonstrate a revolutionary and effective treatment approach - the appropriateness approach - so that its principles are easy to apply both personally and therapeutically.
The book serves as a kind of inward journey. He touches and treats a variety of issues such as: intimacy, marital relations, domestic violence, behavior problems in children, trauma, sexuality, career and vocation, from a concept of propriety.
The book answers questions such as: what enables and what sabotages the feeling of "worthiness"? How does a proper demand from children to contribute create a healthy sense of worthiness in them? How can adults remain victims of a sense of poor self-worth created in their past, or choose to take responsibility and build a healthy sense of worthiness within themselves?
And finally, the book offers a different conception of morality. A morality that does not arise from society, religion, culture or what others say, but one that arises from a deep attention to our inner and authentic truth. Attention arising from the creation of a renewed connection to the inner conscience.

With sweeping fluency, in professional and non-condescending language, in a proper, respectful, interesting and exciting manner - Ameti Maged's book, to be worthy, was written. The book is important and should be in every home, clinic and treatment place. I recommend him warmly and highly
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