By Peterson Jordan (Author)

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In the second volume in the guide of today's most prominent public and public intellectual, Professor Jordan Peterson offers other guidelines and lessons that seek to help us deal with the challenges of modern life. In 2018, the book was published 12 rules for life and assisted millions of people around the world to defeat the chaos seeking to take over their lives. Now, in a sequel that has become the United States in the United States, Peterson provides 12 additional rules aimed at helping us live a meaningful life in the face of the tremendous price that we have experienced from the regime's attempt and regulate each side in our lives. Peterson points to the risk of incessant striving for security and order in our emotional and social lives, and offers strategies that will allow us to overcome cultural, scientific and psychological forces seeking to enslave us and our freedom. We need to learn to rely on ourselves and our instincts if we want to find meaning and purpose for life. It is precisely with the helplessness that modern life invites us, we have to choose ourselves. While chaos may lead to instability and anxiety, a fossil order may lead to the final submission of our entity. Being a person: 12 additional rules for life offers a recipe that seeks to balance the chaos and order to live a good life. - Why should we be full of gratitude in the face of suffering? - What will happen if you make beauty into one room in your home? - How and why should we we be weaned from the arrogance and a grief? - What are the dangers of adopting ideology as a compass for life? Jordan Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist, thinker and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. His previous book, 12 rules for life, published in 2018, came to the top of the bestseller lists around the world and was one of the best -selling books in Israel that year. Peterson composed more than a hundred academic articles and in his lectures on YouTube, tens of millions of people watched. 'Peterson's way is not the easiest way, but it is the best - and for millions of young people, it is the perfect vaccine for the atmosphere of indulgence and victims in which they grew up' - the New York Times

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