By Lustig Shmirit (Author)

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Joseph Luria - a savvy businessman - sought to conquer the world, and almost succeeded. When he died prematurely, in the midst of a far -reaching business move, he left a huge debt and the magnificent house on the top of the hill: a real palace, a monument to the rapid, extravagant, the grandiose. His stunned widow and actress daughter were left to live alone, lost among artwork, dear collections, take -off memories and the remnants of the crash. On the stage of Lurie, life is fully initiated. A sad and funny family story to tears, a symphony of reality and fantasy that mixes with each other. On all these, the author is proficient and effortless, and fascinates us to the characters until the unexpected end. In the book of theory, Mary Lustig is amazing to tell a human story and awakens emotion, and renews literary forms in a light hand and in a praise. Shimrit Lustig (N. 1982), she is a graduate of the Nissan Nativ game studio, and for over a decade played at the Khan Theater, Camry and House for China, movie and TV shows. Short stories fruit see light in Granta's journals and scales, and today she writes a regular column in the country newspaper. Lives in Tel Aviv with her partner and three children. The Lurie House is her first book.

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