By Itamar Edelstein in collaboration with Rivka Chakotai (Author)

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When I talk about my father, I imagine a tall ladder whose head reaches the sky and whose feet are placed on the ground. About the first part, "His head reaches the sky", it seems that everything is already known. However, about "his feet set on the ground", about Rabbi Ovadia the man of the family, the husband and the father, only we, the children, really know. And that's what we came to tell. - Rivka Yosef Chakotai Rabbi Ovadia Yosef was one of the most influential figures in Israel. A halachic and political leader, sweeping thousands, whose name is commonplace. But even though he received great publicity and public influence, few really knew Rabbi Ovadia the person, the father, the family man. Beit Yosef invites the reader to enter the home of the Yosef family and meet Rabbi Ovadia as he has not yet been revealed to the general public, to learn about the high and low moments in his life, the childhood home and the economic hardship, the days in Egypt and the threats to his life, the way he raised his children and The special relationship with his wife, Rabbi Margalit Yosef, who turns out to be a brave, opinionated and assertive personality, full of compassion and giving. Beit Yosef also tells about mystical dreams, friendship with a prime minister, conversations with world leaders and the connection to secret operations. This is a story about a man who grew up in a one and a half room apartment, and later his room became one of the most important rooms in the State of Israel. This is also the story of a man who repeatedly told his children: "Listen to the weak. Say forbidden, anyone can. The purpose of my life is to say permitted." Itamar Edelstein specializes in law, providing legal advice to the Knesset's foreign and security and internal security committees, a student on the path to a doctorate in the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University and a speech writer. He is a graduate of the Hesder Yeshiva in Ma'ale Adumim, was the assistant of the state attorney general and the chairman of the student union. His book "The Most Basic" was published by "Yediot Books" in 2018. Rivka Yosef Chakotai, the eighth daughter of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, a graduate of Jerusalem College, an educational consultant and former member of the leadership of the Histadrut Hiddartut. Worked a lot for the rights of religious women who are deprived of their wages in the ultra-orthodox sector.

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