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Smart Briana doesn't understand how she got into this situation. She really, really, doesn't like the spotlight, and suddenly she finds herself right there. Why did she agree to participate in the event? She has to learn to read in a language she barely knows, she has to tell about herself in front of an audience, she has to organize the party after, and how will she be able to deal with the dramas between the friends and those at home, especially the one that takes place inside her? Berry in the past: Okay mom, I agree to do it. Berry in the present: Someone save me from this! Terri Libenson (Katie and I, Izzy and Bree, Jamie and Mia) returns to middle school in another book in the successful series, in which is the story of the brave Brianna, a story that will speak to anyone who decided to jump into the water and had to keep swimming.

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