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Liz Buxbaum always knew that Wes Bennett was not made of the right romantic stuff. The next-door neighbor - who grew up to be quite a handsome guy - was expected to be the perfect casting for the rom-com movie she lived in, but since they were little Wes Hokeyh himself again and again as a nuisance. Wes was the one who stuck a frog in her dream dollhouse, and he was also responsible for the severed head of a garden gnome that was discovered in the neighborhood library she founded.
Now, ten years after the Great Dwarf Massacre, it's Liz's last year in high school. This year should be full of perfect movie moments, and unfortunately for Liz, she needs Wes' help: Michael, her mythical crush from elementary school, has just returned to town, and to his horror, has also re-friended Wes. I mean, if Liz wants Michael to notice her, and also invite her to prom, she needs Wes. He is her ticket.
But while Wes is engaged in a plan to get Liz the magical and long-awaited prom moment, she is shocked to discover that she is actually quite enjoying his company. And there's something in the way he looks at her... As they get closer, Liz is forced to re-examine everything she thought she knew about love, and rethink what "And they lived happily ever after..." really means.

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