By Amir Eli (Author)

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A sixteen-year-old boy arrives alone in Jerusalem, scarred by the war of liberation and so far from Baghdad, that's where he came from. He alone supports himself by distributing newspapers and running errands by bicycle in the prime minister's office, and without any hesitation dares to dream of a different life for himself. Unbelievable, one can tell the story of the boy Nuri Halaschi: how his family lived in a remote village in the sands, and their neighbors there were blind musicians; and how his father sent him to the kibbutz, so that he would at least learn in the new land; And how he was tasked with getting his family an apartment in the capital city. In Hollywood, maybe they would make a movie out of his story whose climaxes are accompanied by drums and trumpets. Here the strings of the canon and the kamanje of the blind are heard, and the longings that arise from them for the abandoned homeland; the accordion of the kibbutz whose longings are directed to other places; The chants that are read in the snoring throats of the Jerusalem lunatics. And among all of these is one thin boy who, in order to be Israeli, loses his accent and does everything to stand out in the kibbutz and later in the city, and there a young Zabrian girl falls in love with him, whose parents brought the newspaper in the morning. She is the daughter of rich people, he is Delfon; And by virtue of their love will they live happily ever after? Before it becomes clear, he is determined, Nori, to advance step by step on a winding path, dropping despair at moments and planting hope at other moments, until it becomes clear who he is. Eli Amir, years after the scapegoat and the dove flower, in his personal and most moving book - has never been exposed so much, and Israel of the second decade has never been exposed to the state from this special angle.

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