By Verta Zahavi Tamar (Author)

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Only yesterday ten-year-old Reuven Abergel was released from detention. Police again accused him of theft. Because of the extreme cold and hunger, he hardly sleeps at night, and in the morning he has to help his mother wash the sheets of the Biebs family around her. If he is lucky, Mrs. Bibbs will leave the house and he will be able to talk to Liora about the books they read and be treated to cookies and apples. Liora is actually nice, but how is it that he has nothing, and she has everything? His mother says that this is how it was decided in heaven, and Reuven thinks that this is how humans decided. About fifteen years later, Reuven and his friends from the Mosrara neighborhood found the Black Panthers movement. They cry out the pain of the residents of the distressed neighborhoods and the development towns and demand that the government provide adequate housing, quality education and respectful work for everyone! Thousands of Israelis join their stormy demonstrations. The government in Israel is afraid of a revolution and is looking for any way to suppress the uprising. Reuven Abergel is still involved in almost all the social struggles in Israel. He took advantage of his life experience as a child at risk and for many years worked as a 'guide to street gangs' and saved dozens if not hundreds of girls and boys who had deteriorated into drugs and crime. He is in touch with many of them to this day - they experience their lives for him.

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