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A shocking genetic match reveals a darkest family secret
After many months elsewhere, Wilde returned to Mount Ramapo following an unsuccessful attempt to maintain a family life at home, which confirmed what he had known for a long time: his place alone, free from the comforts and limitations of modern life.
But a sudden discovery of a genetic match on an online relatives search site brings Wilde closer to his past than he ever dared to dream and finally opens up to him the possibility of locating his father. But his meeting with the man, more than inviting answers, raises more questions. Wilde then turns to the second match on the list of close relatives, a second cousin, who disappeared as quickly as he appeared after experiencing a tremendous personal downfall, which even the word nightmare is not enough to describe.
Was the fall of his cousin long expected? Or did he fall victim to a complicated and insidious plot? And how does all this relate to a man known as "the foreigner", a treacherous wanted man with a group of followers, whose mission and methods only become more and more dangerous over time?

Harlan Cuban is the author of numerous New York Times bestsellers and one of the world's greatest storytellers. His thrillers were published in forty-six languages, sold eighty million copies worldwide and won numerous awards. Many of his books have been adapted into series on Netflix. He lives in New Jersey.

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