By Catherine Center (Author)

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From the best-selling book "Small Steps of Love" and "Sparks of Love"
"Absolutely and unequivocally charming!" - Judy Pico, bestselling author of "My Sister's Keeper", "I Wish You Were Here" and more
"An Indisputable Pleasure" - Christina LuRan, "Honeymoon is not"
"A perfect book" - Emily Henry, "Summer Romance" and "People we meet on vacation" When Jack's mother falls asleep, he returns to the family home on a farm in Texas to help. But since Jack doesn't want his family to know about the danger that lies ahead of him, he and Hannah are forced to pretend to be in a relationship. And so, even though the pairing with Jack doesn't seem credible - not even to Hannah herself - she finds herself playing the role of the famous star's girlfriend. It's easy for Hanna to protect Jack from any harm, but to protect her fragile heart from an impossible crush? It's much more complicated.
She gives him back.
Hannah Brooks looks more like a kindergarten teacher than someone who can kill a person with a corkscrew. or a ballpoint pen. or with a cloth napkin. But in truth she's a senior private security agent who's just been hired to protect superstar Jack Stapleton from a middle-aged stalker who breeds corgis for shows.
He holds it in his heart
Jack Stapleton is a familiar name in every household - a star captured by paparazzi cameras on beaches around the world and famous, among other things, for his tendency to rise from the waves with his shiny body like the body of a Roman god wrapped in a variety of tight surfing shorts. But a few years before, following a family tragedy, he disappeared from the public eye and stopped performing.
They have a secret in common.
In Shumar Rash, Catherine Center is back and very talentedly presents a gallery of charming, amusing and exciting characters, and succeeds in casting fresh magic on the myth of the damsel in distress. Among the funny, romantic and heartwarming lines, the understanding emerges and sharpens that sometimes the safest thing to do is actually to take a risk.

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