By Harari Yehiel (Author)

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Can we change? To what extent is the course of our lives influenced by the fundamental traits we were born with? How can knowing the personality help us in our occupational, social and marital choices? And in general, what is the connection between unwanted emotional tendencies and different personality types? Breaking the boundaries of personality raises these and many other questions and seeks to decipher the most important secret in human life - how personality is built, what are its components, what is the difference in emotional tendencies between people, what motivates different people to action, and most importantly, what is the necessary toolbox with which we can break through the limits that the personality sets for us, while utilizing its powers to our advantage. The book presents the most significant body of practical knowledge hidden in the Jewish bookcase in general, and in the shelf of Kabbalah and Hasidism in particular, knowledge that was carved out of dozens of writings and offers a unique model of different personality types. This is an eye-opening book that will change our attitude towards ourselves and others. Dr. Yehiel Harari has authored eleven books that have been translated into several languages. In recent years, he has taught at conferences, workshops, and training courses in Israel and around the world to a wide variety of audiences and organizations. He wrote his doctoral thesis at Tel Aviv University, served as a journalist, as a parliamentary advisor, and as a senior professional advisor in the offices of government, and taught at Tel Aviv University and Sapir College. Breaking the boundaries of personality joins his three books in the "Hatbonun" series published by "Yediot Srifim": To win every moment anew (the method of Baal Hatnia), the art of elevation (a guide to parenting and education) and the opposite (creative thinking and realization of potential) ).

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