By Haim Branson and Hananal Torgman (Author)

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When is the mitzvah to wake up the parents? You cooked a dish for a meat dinner - what do you do? What are the most creative ways to prevent copying in tests? And how do you eat a whole meal without bread - with only one blessing? You can find the answers to these questions, and many others, in the first book of its kind. For the first time Shovarim Thrash offers a fun and adapted halacha study for the whole family through surprising puzzles at different levels, entertaining stories, lively illustrations and diverse enrichment segments. So if you have a head, let's find out how strong it is. Ready for the challenge? Shovarim Thrash is based on an experiential halachic section that was published in the newspaper "Letters and Children", it was well received by tens of thousands of readers and is now being published with many additions. The new way to study Halacha starts here! The book was authored by Haim Branson - rabbi, writer and educational entrepreneur and Hananal Torgman - illustrator, lecturer and educator.

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