By Alice Ozman (Author)

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Charlie and Nick are already good friends. Nick knows Charlie is gay, Charlie isn't sure about Nick. But there are no rules in love, and Nick is about to discover all kinds of things about his family, his friends, and most of all... himself. The breath-taking series, written by Ira Ellis Ozman, started as a network series, which gained a fan base. After being published as a book, it became a huge bestseller in England, and later in the whole world, and will soon be released as a television series on Netflix. Alice Ozman was born in 1994 in Kent, England, and is a full-time writer and illustrator. You can usually find her staring aimlessly at computer screens, wondering about the meaninglessness of existence, and doing everything to avoid finding herself in an office job. "A beautiful and touching graphic novel." Mia Meitav Magen, YNET "Breathtaking is a candy that leaves the reader with a feeling of 'more'" Tom Shapira, Haaretz

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