By Horvitz Greg (Author)

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Evan Smoak is "the man from nowhere", the man of the shadows who only the most desperate reach - and he does everything to help them. When Jack, the man who raised and trained Evan as a child, is murdered in cold blood, the matter becomes personal and the man from nowhere sets out for revenge. On the way he is joined by Joey, an orphan like him whom unstoppable forces try to get their hands on at any cost. But is Joey their real target, or is it Evan himself? "This is a tremendous book. The plot moves at the speed of a bullet train, and we have never seen Evan Smoak so emotionally exposed. Don't miss it!" Booklist "surpasses all of Horvitz's previous books and sets new standards for all other thrillers. There's nowhere to go." BookReprter "This time it's personal... Greg Horwitz's loyal readers can't afford to miss the third book in the Project X series." The Guardian

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BULLET FROM THE PAST| Horvitz Greg / Hebrew / Hebrew

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