By Philky Dove (Author)

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They met George and Harold from the 4th grade at the elementary school named after Jerome Harbanovitch. The only thing they love more than pranks is creating comic books. Together they invented the greatest superhero in elementary school history - Captain Underpants! George and Harold never imagined that one day they would meet their hero face to face, but when the evil Duke of Alaska threatens the world, it is clear to everyone that only one man can save the day, and that man has no pants! Will George, Harold and Captain Underpants be able to stop the evil Duke? And what does Mr. Pifish, the manager, have to do with this whole story? All this and more you will discover in the wildest and funniest adventure you have ever known - the first adventure of Captain Underwear. Dove Pilkey is an American writer and illustrator. Like George and Harold, he also started drawing comic books when he was in elementary school. Since then he has written and illustrated countless award-winning children's books. The Captain Underpants series, which excels in wild and sharp humor, won the hearts of children, was translated into 25 languages ??and sold tens of millions of copies worldwide. 'The funniest book of the year.' Publishers Weekly 'The witty writing, made up of puns, rhymes and rhymes, enriches the vocabulary of young readers. The books encourage children not only to read words, but also to play with them.' CNN

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