By Barnea Goldberg illuminates (Author)

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We could tell you that it is a story about three brothers, very different, who inherited three magic rings a rich and mysterious uncle. Or we could tell you that it's a cunning housekeeper and her beautiful daughter, who try to take control of a magnificent mansion and a huge property. And we could also argue that this is the story of a cute and chatty orphan , who escapes from the orphanage and its monstrous headmistress. We could say all that. But let's just say it's a story about a cat. The most wonderful cat you have ever met. His name is Karamel. And with him, every story becomes an adventure! "A witty and humorous song of praise for cats and children." Netz Levy, author of "The Adventures of David Aryeh" "A heart-warming story full of creative surprises. Since Roald Dal was not such a charming conviction." Eldad Ilani, author of "The Perfect Story" My name is Mayra And I'm allergic to cats. Maybe that's why I wrote my first book for young people about a cat hero... I was born and raised in Petah Tikva , and that's where I live to this day with my partner Hanan and my son Avishi. My name is Keren. I am an illustrator and comic creator, a graduate of the animation department at Bezalel. In my spare time I teach illustration, drawing and creative thinking, record, and spend as much time as possible with Jordan and Yonatan , My children. ?

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CARAMEL 1| Hebrew

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