By Micah Goodman (Author)

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The dispute over the future of the territories of Judea and Samaria is shaking Israel. The dispute stems from underground ideological currents that broke into the public discourse after the Six Day War, violently clashed with each other and tore Israeli society apart. In the fifty years that have passed since the war, the dispute has turned from a debate about ideas into a battle between identities. The Israeli conversation collapsed. Catch 67 is a journey to explore these ideas and identities. Catch 67 dives into the philosophy behind politics in order to try to restore the wounded Israeli conversation. "Micah Goodman manages to do the almost impossible: to write about a charged and complex subject in an overwhelming way and to extract surprising and thought-provoking insights from a painful and trite subject. The philosophical depth of Maluchod 67 may turn the book into a platform for the renewal of the Israeli political conversation.'

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