By Natan Einat (Author)

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"I believe in a family atmosphere that we take control of. I believe in improving relationships. I believe in parental intuition and good intentions. I believe that sometimes it is enough to think differently or interpret differently to improve. To write the story with more happy moments in it. Children come into the world without operating instructions. And just as it wouldn't occur to us to feed them every day, or change their diapers only when we feel like it, it is impossible to embark on the journey of parenting without understanding what our children need on an emotional level in order to develop and become whole people. Our significant challenge as parents is to slightly expand the automatic interpretation. To add more options to the private logic, which often manages how we feel in situations in front of the children and controls our reactions. So we react—putting out fires they light, getting angry when they're annoying, enjoying when they're cute or cooperative, and generally depending on them and their behaviors. We are not in real control. We don't have control over a lot of things, but we do have control over the relationships at home." In the past 18 years, Einat Natan has raised five children. At the same time, she has met thousands of parents in her clinic, in lectures and group guidance. She gave these parents professional guidance, and they gave her a unique opportunity to observe the challenges of the family in the 21st century. This is what these parents wrote to her, after hearing her on the radio or reading her columns: "I read every word with a choked throat and glassy eyes and realized that I am a good mother" "You made me cry and realize that everything is fine, even when everything is not fine" "Every word touches the most accurate and real places" "This is the most accurate and humane parental guidance that can be"

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