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He had no intellectual or physical abilities, just chess. Mirko Cattewicz turned out to be a trial as already as a child, and soon came to a world champion. On a steam ship sailing from New York to Buenos Aires, like the ship on which Zwig sailed to Brazil in his last year of life, an anonymous opponent met. His name was Dr. B, a mysterious Viennese, who also fled his homeland. "Nile of chess" illustrates what happens to humans for superhuman pressure. This is a two -player dual -battle, but also a total collision between people with the opposite. 'Chess Novel' is the last of Staff Zweig's novels, and according to many also the best. She was written in his last months of life, and saw light in a 300 -year -old edition in the publisher of German expatriates in Argentina, just months after Zweig's suicide in 1942. Zweig faces the only time with Nazism, with the death of Europe being his home, and with the forced immigration experience. As usual, he examines questions of genius and madness, mania and obsession. And the chess itself, the same abstract and wonderful game, a fruitful penny for genius, is used here for the heroes are salvation, they are destruction. The chess game is the material from which a horrible and talent story we have taken.

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