By Johnson Boris (Author)

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Winston Churchill was the fate's iron rod. If he had not been in place of resistance, the Nazi train would have flew forward. Given his beams until then, a miracle that he is still alive what changes the course of history: economic impulses and the behavior of crowds, or great personalities over the height of the hour? This book offers a clear answer, and proves it from the case of a person larger than life, in his personality and resourceful, his wit and his counterparts saved the world from Nazi Germany: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. It had a rare personality core that changed everything. Boris Johnson calls him a Churchill effect. Many Churchill's story were also written, Churchill himself, but Boris Johnson writes him completely differently. This is no longer a biography. This is a story, a true story, the traveler back and forth between representative points in Churchill's life, and illuminates our right -time - which if Churchill would have looked completely different. Shortly after writing this book, Boris Johnson entered Churchill's big shoes; When Johnson writes about Churchill, he writes about his political inspiration. ? How many times did Churchill's life take advantage of the danger line? ? Which of the acute seconds attributed to Churchill has never said? ? Why didn't Churchill in 1945 convince the United States to fight communism? ? And, in fact, Churchill effect? Boris Johnson, born in 1964, is the British Prime Minister on behalf of the Conservative Party since 2019. In 2016-2008, the mayor of London served, and earlier he was a member of the Parliament. He holds a degree in classical studies from Oxford University. He served as a journalist in London, Daily Telegraph and in Specitis. As both a journalist and a politician, he became known for his poignant position against Britain participation in the EU, in his opposition to the boycott movement of Israel and his struggles for freedom of expression.

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