By Bonnie Garmus (Author)

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The first time Elizabeth Zoot met Calvin Evans, he mistakenly called her "secretary" and kicked her out of his lab. The second time they met, he threw up on her. This is not how an ordinary love story grows, but on the other hand - nothing in Elizabeth Zot's life was ordinary: a pioneering chemist in the United States of the sixties, beautiful, refusing weddings and now - also pregnant. But then, almost in an instant, Elizabeth loses her whole world. Her lover, her career, her future. It's not her fault, it's the era. But Elizabeth Zot has no intention of letting her world fall apart. She goes to battle. It starts small. Zot receives an offer to host a cooking show on a remote TV channel. It's a humiliation, no doubt. Although she is a great cook, she is a chemist, not a housewife, but it soon becomes clear to viewers that this is much more than just another cooking show. This is a program about life, about power relations, about a sense of self-worth. The show becomes a hit, and a little? She becomes a star almost against her will. And precisely then, she is ready to give up everything again, in favor of the one thing she believes in. Lessons in Chemistry is a witty and clever book, delightful and full of life. This is the first book of the publicist Bonnie Germus, which aroused enormous interest in the world, was sold for translation in forty different countries, won rave reviews and jumped immediately upon its publication to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

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