By Hoover Collin (Author)

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Luann Ashley is an aspiring author with an empty bank account who gets an offer she can't refuse. Jeremy Crawford - the husband of Verity Crawford, a popular bedridden author - offers Luann to complete his wife's bestselling series in her place. Luan has no choice but to agree. She arrives at the Crawford family house intending to stay there for a night or two, just to sort out the mess in Verity's study and gather all the material she needs to write the next book in the series. During the screenings, Luan discovers a hidden manuscript: an autobiography containing chilling confessions that Verity planned to take with her to her grave, including the truth behind the events that turned the couple's lives upside down. Luann decides to hide the manuscript from Jeremy, knowing that the horrifying contents she uncovered there will shatter the grieving father. But as Luann's feelings for Jeremy grow stronger, she begins to wonder if it's wise for her to keep this secret. After all, if Jeremy reads his wife's autobiography, he won't be able to keep loving her. A romantic thriller by Colleen Huber, the best-selling author and global Tiktok phenomenon. Colleen Hoover occupied, and continues to occupy, the first place on the New York Times bestseller list and the bestseller lists worldwide with her books It's Over with Us, Ugly Love, Confession, At the Beat of the Heart, Loving Without Secrets, Regret You and many other bestsellers. She lives in Texas with her family. You are invited to visit her at "The twists and turns of the plot set my mind on fire." The Washington Post "The perfect romantic thriller that will keep you glued to your seat (and up all night) until the end." Cosmopolitan "Warning: Mirage won't melt your heart, it will burn your soul!" Kindle Crack Book Review

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