By Levi Elgrod Dana (Author)

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His world is dark and dangerous, my world is realistic and accomplished. Will the collision between the worlds be devastating or create an explosion of love? Ever since I can remember my future has been clear to me. I was supposed to finish my degree in physics with first class honors, continue a research and teaching career in academia and reach a professorship. But one thing I could not expect, the fateful phone call that shook my world. I was informed that I had to get the amount of money that would allow me to fulfill my dream. I started working in a bar owned by a criminal organization. I was exposed there to a dark world I didn't know - drugs, strippers, prostitution and arms trade. There I also met my new boss, a man who symbolized everything I hated and on the other hand drew me to him in a swirl of passion. The collision between the peaceful academic life and the unpredictable life of crime was not long in coming, and it was especially powerful and dangerous. There isn't a criminal organization in Boston that hasn't crossed my path. They just didn't take into account one small thing, that they shouldn't mess with Elena. it's me. "Collision", Dana Levy Elgrod's sixth book, is a suspenseful and sensual crime novel. The "Passions" series she wrote is very successful in Israel and abroad and is ranked on the best-seller lists on Amazon. "Gormal Spin", her fifth book, is also ranked on the best-seller lists.

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