By Rachel Talshir (Author)

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At the beginning, back in the early 20th century, they operated under the radar, their name passed only by word of mouth. But today that has changed. Complementary and alternative medicine has advanced to the forefront. "Secrets of Complementary Medicine" is a book of conversations with leading alternative healers in Israel, which maps the main treatment methods in the field. He also directs a spotlight to the diseases and the new ailments that characterize the current era, which require a different approach. Along with institutional medicine, the people of complementary and alternative medicine also want to find a balm for pains that fall between the chairs and afflictions that do not have a single solution, such as allergies, fibromyalgia, endometriosis and more. Through nutrition, advice to change lifestyles as well as personal treatment, they are an address for those who wish to improve their health and maintain it. Rachel Talshir, who has been researching the field of complementary medicine for years in a Torah in the newspaper "Haaretz" and through experience in the field, here lays out the fan of alternative treatment. It offers a comprehensive, but also close look, at those who believe there is more than one way to go.

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