By His grandmother Haim (Author)

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Twenty-five years after he returned home from the Yom Kippur War, a young tankman in the Golan Heights says today: It is true, sometimes the Holy One, blessed be He, pardons those who do not deserve it and shines His face on them. And the same pardon and the same lightening of face stand against him all his days and do not let him go. It is a debt and must be paid off. And the law is true law. I remembered what I had vowed in times of need when we got out of the tank and ran through the bullets to hide in the wadi. To this day they have not written like this in Hebrew literature about our wars. This is not how the battles were described, and these were not the stories of the evils whose memory we learned to embrace. Between the pages of poetry written in the rich, special language of the learned yeshiva member, detailed, precise and even cruel descriptions of the days of that war unfold before the reader - and the whole story is intertwined with the memory of the friend who did not return. Forty years after the war, his grandmother added "on the memory and its destruction", and in this jubilee edition he returned and added "fifty years to the Yom Kippur war", he returned and added a few words of remembrance, and realized: the world will no longer be in my eyes what it was. Coordination of Intentions was a bestseller immediately upon its publication, won the Yitzhak Sadeh Award and was the first to win the Sapir Award. The book was translated into English and Russian, and was even made into a movie.

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