By Liad Shaham (Author)

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Some people don't have enough fingers. They want the whole hand.
Commander Anat Nahmias is tired of: her commander's bruised ego, the police, who don't forgive her for past mistakes, her husband who is only interested in his startup, feeling huge and clumsy.
When she pecks to examine an unusual find in the forest of Rosh Ha'Ein, Anat hopes for a distraction from all this, but suspects that dark secrets await beneath the surface. In order to uncover them, she will have to unravel crimes that have disappeared, piece together fragments of shattered dreams and untangle lies that have become entangled.
In advanced pregnancy and when she faces a crisis in her personal life, Anat embarks on an investigation that will take her from biotech companies that roll huge sums into emergency rooms, from glittering TV studios to morgues, and from glamor to forgery.
The beloved researcher returns in a complex and deceptive work that examines the price we are required to pay to tell our story.
Credit is the twelfth suspense book by Liad Shaham, the author of the best-sellers Hak Kedav, Retrial, Mera'i and City of Refuge, which was turned into a television series. Liad's books, which were adapted for television and theater, were translated into many languages and won international success.

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CREDIT| Hebrew

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